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Tips for gym newbies

This is the time of year that many people start a new fitness regime. For some of you, it will be your first time in a gym, and it can be intimidating. Here are some tips that might help you settle in: Book a tour/induction with a member of staff. Get them to show you […]

I’m a PT!

I’ve been very quiet on recently but with good reason – I’ve been studying for my personal trainer exam with ACE. The good news is that I passed with flying colours on Friday! Since I qualified I’ve had a lot of questions about why I choose ACE, what’s involved & what is the exam like, […]

My go-to cheat meal destinations in Galway

First off I’m vegetarian, so my picks are based on the options available for veggies. Luckily in Galway us veggies have a myriad of great places to choose from when eating out. In the last few year the number of great casual eateries has mushroomed, leaving some fantastic options. Here are the ones I frequent: […]

Top tips for dropping body fat

I’ve never had to lose a huge amount of weight – a stone & a half was the most I’ve had to lose, and I did that before I started weight training. I had to drop my calories to around 1200 a day to do it. Since then I’ve more or less been able to […]

Some tips for strength training after 40

Warm-up properly. I don’t mean jumping on a treadmill for 10 mins. You need to take each muscle group through range of motion exercises, as well as going through a range of lighter weights when building up to your lifts. For example, if my working weight for squats is 70kg I do 10 body-weight squats first, […]


We’re always told to have a quantifiable goal, e.g. lose ‘x’ amount of weight, squat ‘x’kgs etc. What happens when you reach this goal? Do you set new ones? Are you constantly goal-setting? I can’t work like this. My goals, strange as it may seem, are quite vague. I want to look & feel healthy. I […]

Bulking & Cutting

You hear the terms ‘bulking’ & ‘cutting’ thrown around a lot in fitness circles. What do they actually mean though? In simple terms, bulking is eating above maintenance in order to gain muscle. Cutting is eating below maintenance in order to lose fat. It’s very difficult to gain muscle and drop fat at the same […]

Get Glutes!

The picture on the left was taken almost exactly a year ago, the one on the right was taken this morning. In the one on the left I had already been squatting & dead-lifting for about a year and a half with no sign of any glute progess. Fast forward a year – what’s changed? Basically […]


Motivation gets you started, habit keeps you going. The fitness-related question I get asked the most, both in real life & on Instagram, is “how do you stay motivated to go to the gym all the time?” Truth is I don’t really see it as staying motivated, I see it as habit. It’s part of […]