Top tips for dropping body fat

I’ve never had to lose a huge amount of weight – a stone & a half was the most I’ve had to lose, and I did that before I started weight training. I had to drop my calories to around 1200 a day to do it. Since then I’ve more or less been able to maintain, not necessarily on the scales, but according to the fit of my clothes & how I look in the mirror. That was until this summer. I managed to get right up to the heaviest I’ve every been (although because I’d done so much weight training & built muscle I didn’t look nearly as big as the first time I hit that weight), completely because I ignored nutrition and ate all around me. Come September I knew I had to do something, and it took me three months to get to a place where I was happy with my body composition again. My abs are more visible now than they’ve ever been, although I still weigh around 6kg more than I did at my lightest. the photo on the left below is from September, the one on the right was taken 3 months later. The difference is only around 4kg, but I was able to do it without a big calorie restriction (I’m on approx. 2000 calories a day at the moment with no cardio & 4 days of weight training). Here are my top tips for weight loss:

  1. Weight train. If you’re not doing it already, start now. Don’t wait until you’ve lost the weight. Weight training builds muscle, and the more muscle you have the faster your metabolism. I train four times a week using a full body program (Get Glutes – link to free trial on the right).
  2. Cut down on refined sugar. It’s so easy to overeat sweets, biscuits etc. because they don’t fill you up.
  3. Don’t, however, consider any foods as ‘bad’. It’s fine to allow yourself a treat, in fact it makes it easier to adhere to a reduced calorie intake if you know that nothing is off limits within reason.
  4. Count calories and weigh your food. It’s really easy to underestimate your intake.
  5. Weigh yourself once & only once weekly, at the same time & wearing the same things. You can then adapt your calorie intake if results aren’t coming.
  6. Don’t, however, get fixated on the scales. How you look in the mirror & how your clothes fit are valid measures of progress. I’m so sorry I didn’t take progress pictures when I was starting out.
  7. Eat a lot of vegetables, particularly greens. They fill you up without adding a load of calories.
  8. Forget about ‘low-fat’, ‘low-carb’ etc. Eat real food and avoid processed crap as much as possible.
  9. Don’t beat yourself up if you go off-track. One bad meal/snack/whatever is not going to ruin your progress.img_7165

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