These are one of the best things I’ve ever made! If you’ve ever had Lindt Coconut Intense dark chocolate you’ll know that it’s delicious; that’s what I’ve based this recipe on, but it’s a healthier version with no refined sugar. It’s so simple that it’s barely a recipe though! Just four ingredients, and it takes […]

Updating this post to add what’s helped me improve my sleep in the last few months! I take glycine an hour before bed, drink a cup of Pukka Night Time an hour before bed, take magnesium daily & 30 drops of valerian just before bed. My total length of sleep & length of deep sleep […]

This is the time of year that many people start a new fitness regime. For some of you, it will be your first time in a gym, and it can be intimidating. Here are some tips that might help you settle in: Book a tour/induction with a member of staff. Get them to show you […]

I’ve been very quiet on recently but with good reason – I’ve been studying for my personal trainer exam with ACE. The good news is that I passed with flying colours on Friday! Since I qualified I’ve had a lot of questions about why I choose ACE, what’s involved & what is the exam like, […]

I love baked beans, but the canned ones are not the healthiest as they’re usually full of sugar. So I decided to make my own. They’re a good source of protein, iron, B & C vitamins, fibre, & potassium.There’s a bit of preparation involved but they are still very easy to make! These are loosely […]

These came about because I got a huge tub of Mint Chocolate vegan protein powder in TKMaxx for a bargain price – the brand is Bio Synergy and it’s delicious, but I got a bit sick of just having it in a shake. Ingredients: 60g coconut oil 60g date syrup 60g cocoa powder 60g Bio […]

I don’t post many savoury recipes because I don’t really create many, to be honest. I generally use recipe books like Thug Kitchen, The New Vegan, The Accidental Vegetarian & Deliciously Ella, to name a few. I did manage to put this nourish bowl together myself, but it’s so easy to make it almost shouldn’t […]

First off I’m vegetarian, so my picks are based on the options available for veggies. Luckily in Galway us veggies have a myriad of great places to choose from when eating out. In the last few year the number of great casual eateries has mushroomed, leaving some fantastic options. Here are the ones I frequent: […]

I love coconut and I love scones, so this recipe is a match made in heaven for me. These scones were inspired by a big tub of granulated stevia I picked up at Aldi. I already use liquid stevia quite a bit, but hadn’t tried the granulated version. There was a recipe on the back […]

I’ve never had to lose a huge amount of weight – a stone & a half was the most I’ve had to lose, and I did that before I started weight training. I had to drop my calories to around 1200 a day to do it. Since then I’ve more or less been able to […]